The afternoon of September 22, 2014, sunny sky, Wan Li, Hainan Huanglong pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd President Chen Yizhi and more than 50 employees, with infinite care for poor children in mountainous areas, a road to fatigued by a long journey in Dafang County of Guizhou Province, Sha Han Yi Zu Xiang Ma Long primary school, donated 6 yuan for the school, in addition to each child about two sets of uniforms, a total of 140 sets, 70 pairs of shoes, bag 70, teacher occupation installed 6 sets, 1 sets of multimedia teaching equipment, computer 2 sets, 4 sets of office furniture, student desks and chairs double 50 sets, 1 sets of table tennis, football, volleyball, basket ball 1 sets. Let the children enjoy the mountains of the modern quality of information resources, while the guests returned to the children brought a lot of snacks.

Chen in the event of the event in person to give each child a bag, shoes, school uniforms and 200 yuan of red packets, so that children like the new year's happiness and happiness!

This generous donation ceremony, the county people's government, deputy governor of Huang Hongjiang, and the County Education Bureau deputy director, Somfy Dafang County Investment Promotion Bureau deputy director Chen Jing and Yi Xiang Sha Han Secretary Li Zhaoyi, mayor Huang Kebi and other departments and township leaders attended the donation ceremony.

Finally, all the guests, Yi Xiang leadership and school teachers and students danced with Yi dance singing "and" Wumeng, with pictures of the occasion, we completed the donation in the enjoyable atmosphere.