In order to optimize the industrial structure of Hainan, the Hainan provincial government is currently organizing a special study of 12 industries, including the development of bio pharmaceutical industry. The morning of May 25th, the Hainan provincial Party committee deputy secretary and governor Liu Cigui went to Haikou Valley research pharmaceutical industry development, and in the Huanglong medicine hosted from 34 pharmaceutical companies, industry associations, provincial and municipal relevant departments to participate in the Haikou province's pharmaceutical industry development forum to discuss the development of Hainan pharmaceutical industry research ideas, solve the difficulties and the problems encountered in the development of enterprises.

Chen, general Liu Cigui, the governor of the company to introduce one of the main products - Valsartan Dispersible Tablets




Chen, general Liu Cigui, the governor of the company to introduce the situation


Liu Cigui governor to enter the research building to understand the development of the situation

Chen, general Liu Cigui, the governor of the workshop production

The meeting, Liu Cigui stressed that all levels and all departments to implement immediately office requirements, carry forward the vigorous and resolute style, in-depth understanding of enterprise development problems, as the initiative to solve problems, and do practical things, promote development, enhance the level of service, innovative ideas and methods of service, to do security work, make great efforts to help enterprises solve development financing, product sales, technological innovation and other outstanding problems, promote the enterprise expanding the scale, expanding sales channels, provide a good environment for the development of enterprise development, to achieve steady and rapid growth, the pharmaceutical industry has become one of the important pillar industry in our Province, "13th Five-Year".


Liu Cigui, the governor in the Royal Pharmaceutical conference room held a forum

Governor Liu Cigui condolences to the company dining staff